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How Level Up! Driving School Works?

Your well being and evolution move us forward! Check what we can offer to you:

Where We are Based In?

Dublin - Tallaght

Have your lessons conducted near the popular Tallaght Test Centre and get the chance to know the city from a different point of view: behind the wheel!

Kildare - Naas

Schedule your lessons in Naas and learn how to drive! Ideal for those living in Naas, Newbridge, Kildare, Kill and surroundings.

Our Lessons

We have the right lesson for you!

You can choose the lesson that fits you best: EDT lessons for new drivers, Reduced EDT lessons for those who already hold a foreign license from other countries, Pre-Test Lessons and much more!

EDT lessons are essential classes for learner drivers. You will learn the best practices and develop the skills and the knowledge to drive safely.

If you already know how to drive and have a valid driving license from another (selected) country, those are the lessons for you. Learn the skills and habits of the Irish roads in 6 Reduced EDT lessons.

If you want to give your best shot at your first test or have done it before without success, we are here to help you obtain the necessary skills, tips, and tricks to pass your test.

If you still don’t have a car for your upcoming driving test, we can help you. When you book a Car Hire you will have 1 (one) hour pre-test lesson just before the test. Some conditions may apply, but not too many :)

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About Level Up! Driving School

We are a little Irish Family Business. Our focus is on helping you with your individual driving needs. We’ll provide you an excellent service with only the best instructors in both Tallaght and Kildare. You will feel safe and comfortable learning to drive with us.

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Your very first step would be to get the theory test done. For that simply access the official website at https://theorytest.ie/ and follow the instructions

Now you will have to apply for your very first Learner Permit. You can do so on https://www.ndls.ie/ 

Absolutely! However you don’t have to wait for it to expire before asking for an extension. There are some rules, but just access https://www.ndls.ie/ and get all the information you need. Hurry up, don’t let it expire :)

You can contact us and arrange some practicing lessons on manual or automatic transmission cars. You are not alone! We can help you develop those skills even if you are a bit rusty :)

Yes indeed. If for some reason you need to step up and take a new challenge we can help you learning the manual transmission. Vans, company cars, jeeps, etc, if you need to learn we will be there for you

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That’s fine, you can talk to us by Phone or send a e-mail, and our team will gladly help you!

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+353 89 275 1456

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Useful Content

We selected some interesting content about driving in Ireland for you. Check out our downloadable content bellow:

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road Manual

Reduced EDT Information

Reduced EDT Information Booklet